Remembering Peshawar’s Fallen

16th December 2014; a day that Pakistan was attacked by a terrorist organisation in Northern Pakistan, killing young citizens in cold-blood. Pakistan was hit with most catastrophic, horrific, spine chilling of massacres in it’s 70 year history. 

Sheikhspeare Sid: targeting islamophobia and media bias one poem at a time

Originally posted on WNOL:
Sheikhspeare Sid, aka Sid Kenpachi Valapp, is a business student that has fallen in love with the power of spoken word. Focusing mostly on taboo context, this young 20-year-old is the furthest thing from a cliché. With his faith by his side, and a talent to kill for, is this anything this…

Inside the Sistine Chapel

Found in the heart of New York, an exhibit that transports you to Vatican City, without the flight fare.

Travel for free in London

London has been named the most expensive city to commute in. With an average of £135 per month, it beats Dublin and New York City in terms of travel. Do you want to travel in the most expensive city in the world without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips and tricks about how […]…

8 People you’ve probably flown with

  Spending most of my life flying in between time zones, I’ve started to notice that there are some people that are found in almost every flight. Listed below are some of the more common passengers you probably hate just as much as me

The Climb

Last summer, 30 people of all ages embarked on a roadtrip from the South of Pakistan towards the North. After countless hours in a car, bathroom breaks in places where no one’s worst enemy should ever have to pee, and views to die for; below is a 1st person narrative to a climb up to…

Indie on fleek: A conversation with Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends are an English Indie pop band who have been topping charts and headlining venues all over the UK. Their first hit single ‘Swim’ came out two years ago, and since then they have been seen at festivals such as Reading and Leeds, slowly making a name for themselves. They sat down with me…

S magazine

We made a magazine called “S” that talks about the things people don’t talk about. the S stands for suffragettes, simplicity, societal issues and safe spaces. We have 4 sections labeled: 1. Societal issues 2. Safe zone 3. Softly spoken 4. FeminisHim Click below to look at our final pdf, because we are very proud…

‘stay strong’

Al Jazeera: Many killed by blast during sufi ritual at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Pakistan, Sindh.

3 words catch my eye.

Killed. Blast. Pakistan.

The concept of virginity

Virginity; everyone knows about. It is a concept that we as a society obsess over. Why is the concept of virginity so important and what are the reasons you need to ditch it? Talking about female vs male virginity, it is a confusing concept. Men are praised and glorified for not being virgins, whereas if…

Big boys don’t cry

“Boys don’t cry” “Boys don’t wear their heart on their shoulders” “Boys need to be strong and supportive” “You need to grow up” “You need to grow a pair” “Harden up” Throughout their lives, men are told that they aren’t allowed to cry. They aren’t allowed to show emotion, because it makes them weak and…